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    Sat Mar 10, 2012 9:19 pm
    Message by SelfProclaimedHeroine - le poke...
    Excuse me whilst I poketh you! *POKE* Had a good day with you at Chanute! When you get on I'll be waiting to do the Facility chat! Razz
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    Tue Nov 22, 2011 4:20 am
    Message by Ale J. - The Peter and Danae Specialty tray of COPYPASTA
    Corian: *stops struggling* *laughs* I will. You just watch me. me be them. Be everyone. I can do that. Everyone is me. Not them. Understand? *starts to change*

    Peter: *still with that weirded out look*

    Corian: *morphs into a large figure, neither really male or female* *pushes against his block again, holding out the blade with a very muscled arm* one. No one is them. Everyone can be one, but i can be many.

    Peter: *can't match her in strength*

    Corian: *forces blade against his chest, and in, just above his heart* *insert cracked laughter here* Not me you them her is me me is everyone got it? I’m her. Im her. ^.^ *shoves blade deeper*

    Peter: *gives a shout of pain*

    Corian: *draws out blade* me me me....heh *shoves in, even closer to his heart* Not me not me...her...always always her.

    Peter: "Agh!" *legs give out; starts falling backwards*

    Corian: *draws back blade, one more time* Say it. Say it. Me or her? Am I her or me? or are we both her? Hm? Say it! *puts blade directly above his heart just laughs, going down with him to straddle him, holding the blade tightly*

    Peter: *breath coming in shakily and erratically; he couldn't answer even if he wanted to*

    Corian: *frustrated almost scream noise* *plunges blade down into his heart and twists*
    Peter: "Aaugh!" *pained gasps*

    Corian: *sing song voice* Im me..shes me..were all meeeeeeeeeeee *twists blade in a circle*

    Peter: *just...shouting in pain*

    Corian: *morphs back into Danae likeness*...*just looks at him, face going urging* Get it? Do you get it? I'm Danae. Me. Im her.

    Peter: *knows he's dead* *between labored breaths* "'re...not..."

    Danae: *is woken up* *rushes in* FREAKING B**** *trying not to just like..fall down next to Peter and apologize* I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU LAST TIME TO GO BACK TO FREAKING HELL AND BURN. *pauses* I'LL HAVE TO HELP YOU THERE WONT I?

    Corian: *eyes flash* *cradling blade in her hands* Mememememe know i am. iam. hahaha *starts to stand*

    Peter: *is dying...yeah*

    Danae: *doesnt even try to make sense of that* *hum a short tune, making plants creep out and take hold of Corians ankles* *pulls her away and down, wrapping her in vines* *hurries over to Peter* ...Peter?

    Peter: "D...Dan...nae...?"

    Danae: *kinda tears up* Yeah, its me. *leans in closer so to hear him better*

    Peter: *labored breathing* *faintly* ""

    Danae: *tears slip down her cheeks* I..wish I could say the dont look so good...*reaches a gentle hand to wipe away the blood splattered on his face..or near it*

    Peter: "Heh...b...been...better..."

    Danae: *snorts a little, studying him* You could say that again....*still has her hand on his face, having wiped all the slappered blood away*

    Peter: *kind of sort of doesn't really very mind her touch*

    Danae: *doesnt move her hand, watching him with sad, tear filled eyes* *murmurs softly, not really meaning to be heard* Come back soon you got it? I..I dont want to be alome with just got to come back soon. Before they change us back to little things. *kinda babbly..trails off*

    Peter: "Heh...right...back...s...soon..." *is nearly gone now*

    Danae: *hesitates* *counting on the fact he is almost gone, hoping he wont remdmber this*...*leans in, lightly kissing his cheek* ...You better be. *quickly pulls away, turning to look anywhere else*

    Peter: *surprised through the fog filling his mind. He might be red if all his blood wasn't pouring out of him. The feeling stays... It's among the last sensations he feels before the lights leave his eyes and he goes limp*

    Danae:......*tears start falling faster, just kinda stares at him, ignoring the fact Corian is so close* *feels kinda numb*...Soon okay. *softly*..Come back soon. * Slowly stands and leaves*
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    Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:52 pm
    Message by Purple Dragon - Bored ugh
    *ish bored*.....*poke*
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    Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:29 am
    Message by Ale J. - *Cough*
    REPLY!! *Cough Cough* I think a cold is going around...

    ANYWAYS *Cough* Reply *Cough* I was debating on whether or not i should tell you the plot i shall make it your choice.

    *Cough* REPLY WOMAN!*Cough*

    Oi, got any cough medicine?
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    Thu Jul 14, 2011 11:28 am
    Message by Banshee - avatar
    Lol i had that avatar once on inkpop
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