The dreamy thingy

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The dreamy thingy

Post by Bells on Tue Dec 06, 2011 9:51 pm

“Shush, shush my baby,” Mother murmured, running her fingers slowly through my hair. “They’ll be gone soon. Stay quiet, that’s a good girl. We’ll be fine.”
Her words calmed me a little, reaching past the blinding fear I’d felt when the shadows told me the bad guys were coming to the lingering numbness I felt as Mother’d pulled me down into the cellar. She didn’t say why we were down here, but she didn’t need to. The bad men, they were always the reason.
Footsteps echoed across the wooden floor above us, the shadows flickering around the room. Voices whipped through my mind, each one declaring their anger, their defiance of the bad men.
I couldn’t help it, the soft whimper as the footsteps paused, the shadows anger growing. Mother’s frightened eyes stuck on the door, not daring to breath as one, then two minutes passed with out any break in the silence.
Just as I was about to ask mother if they were gone, the door swung open with a bang, slamming against the stone wall behind it. I squealed, pushing further back into Mother’s arms as she tensed, trying to hide us in the shadows.
The figure in the doorway began down the stairs, looking like a bearer of death as it stalked forward in pitch black clothing.
“No.” Mother whispered, jerking backwards in the small space as the figure was joined by two others on the stairs.
It bared its teeth in a crew smile, stopping before us. Fear filled me, my body trembling as I pressed back against mother, whimpering softly.
“No.” She whispered again, a bit louder. “You can’t have her.”
The man chuckled, crouching before us. “I don’t believe you’re in the position to tell us what we can, or can not have.”
Mother tightened her arms around me, shielding my eyes as one of the bad guys flipped on the lights. The shadows shouted in my mind, hissing angrily as they were forced away.
And just like that, I couldn’t see. It scared me, worse even than the bad guys did. Everything went white, just as it had done when Jak- no. I wouldn’t think about Jakey other than to be glad he’d gone out today.
“Is the little freak afraid of light?” The man sneered, gripping my arm.
Mother tried jerking away form him, pulling me from his grasp. The man tightened his hand instead, jerking me forwards and ripping a small cry of pain from my lips as I felt his cruel hands grip my other arm as well. Footsteps echoed across the room, then paused before moving again. Mother’s cry of pain lit the air followed by the sound of a struggle.
The scream crashed around the cellar, it taking a full moment for me to recognize it as my own, frightened voice. I started kicking, clawing, scratching, anything to get them to let me go.
Then there was a faint grunt of pain, followed by a sudden movement as I was torn from the man’s arms, the new hold familiar and welcoming.
“Mom..” A breathy whisper, as she darted towards what I assumed to be the stairs.
“Very well,” Came the man’s cold reply, a soft metallic click sounding behind us. “You leave me no other option.”
Mother started up, holding me tighter and whispering fervent prayers to reach the top.
I counted them, knowing the number of steps by heart from all the close calls before now.
All was quiet behind us.
Almost there…
A loud shot behind us.
Then, we were falling, Mother’s grip on my loosening. White and black spun around me as we hit the ground, Mother’s crumpled form beneath me. Confused I rolled over, searching for her hand, the silence settling once again.
“Mother?” I whispered, tugging on her hand, trying to ignore the liquid I felt pooling beneath it. “Mother get up! We have to go Momma , we have to-”
Rough hands grabbed me again, my screams filling the room as I struggled against them. There was no room for thoughts, only fear as I bit one of them, managing to scramble back towards her. My unseeing eyes locked on where I knew she should be. Thick liquid touched my hands, a coppery scent in the air as they grabbed me again, dragging backwards before I could reach her.
“Mother!” I shrieked, beating against whomever held me. “Stop! My mother! I have to-”
Sharp pain cut through my words, lingering on my cheek as one of them drew back his hand.
“Shut up freak, she’s dead and you may yet be.”
The words hit my mind, freezing me for a moment, horror seeping over me. Mother…
“NO!” I managed, thrashing even harder than before, striking whatever I could with as much strength as I could muster.
“Shoot it.”
The even words came form the stairway, followed by the echo of movement. Something about the words, the tone he used made me freeze, a small, broken whimper leaving my lips along with most of my will.
“If the freak wishes to visit its mother, then let it.” He continued, pausing at the bottom of the steps. “Shoot it.”
Everything was still for a moment, then I felt the metal touch my head, fear keeping me form making another sound.
“Unless,” The man paused, “The little freak would rather listen to sense, and live.”
I trembled, taking a small breath. “Mother said never to trust the bad people.”
“Your mother’s dead.” Came his simple reply, enforced by more footsteps as he kneeled before me.
The one who had a hold of me tightened his grip, as if afraid I would hurt this man. I felt cold hate seep into my mind, more that anything I’d felt before.
“Maybe you should listen to me little freak. Do you think your mother would want you to die? Or live? Hm?
I hesitated, seeing the flash of black as he moved his hand, settling it in the air before me.
“Would she want you to die here with her? Is that why she died trying to protect you? Come with me, and you’ll live.”
I continued to hesitate a moment longer before settling my small hand in his.

"Come at me
And you'll see
I'm more than meets the eye.
You think that
You'll break me,
You're gonna find in time
You're standing too close to a flame that's burning
Hotter than the sun in the middle of July.
Sending out your army, but you still can't win;
Listen up, silly boy, 'cuz I'm gonna tell you why..."

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