How she died, and was torn away from his grip forever.

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How she died, and was torn away from his grip forever.

Post by Purple Dragon on Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:59 pm

Okay, random scene with my assassin people. You might get a little confused by all the characters, but meh >.<

Griffin ran along the rooftops, jumping across them almost too fast, tripping here and there. Dove silently followed, and he could feel her eyes digging into him, searching for his reason of running. No. Not Marie. He couldn’t… couldn’t live without her. She was his reason. His purpose. The mother of his child…the child he left to die. He couldn’t let her die, also.

Dove didn’t even ask where he was going. She just saw the look in his eyes, and followed. His sister had her ways. Neither of them really loved each other, but they had grown to depend on one another. Always could tell when the other was troubled.

Griffin jumped off a roof, falling on his face but not really caring. Dove flipped gracefully next to him. “Brother, do you even know where you are headed?” She asked, in her soft, stern tone. Of course he knew where he was headed. The spot. On the hill. Marie would most likely be there. Waiting…and completely unaware…
Griffin’s eyes widened at the next thought, and he managed to crawl to his feet, continuing a steady run through the filthy streets. What he was doing would be punishable. He would grab Marie and Dove, and get out of town. Go someplace far, far away. Even if he had failed to run away before, now was his chance. Either now, or Marie would be gone. For good.

“The girl is a distraction, Griffin. You have to pay your debt. Running off to her, will only make freedom harder to obtain.” Orion had said, offering Griffin a contract to kill Marie. One million dollars. Griffin had stared at all the zero’s with a shocked look on his face, fearfully looking at the name of the woman he loved. Eventually, Griffin shook his head, his gruff voice taking a harder tone. “No. Never. You should stay the hell out of my personal life. She hasn’t done anything wrong. She doesn’t deserve this.” That’s when he had grabbed the contract and sliced it with his sharp blade, turning on his heel and making his way out of Orion’s study as the flimsy paper glided to the ground.

“This is a mistake, Jon. Tearing that contract and turning away the deal will only make me offer it to someone else. Someone more capable.” called out Orion, his tone mocking, as if testing.

Griffin had ignored the warning. He never thought the Orion would stoop this low. He should have known better. And at this very moment Marie was being chased by the worst of them all, Falco. Falco was an oddball. Unpredictable. He was an assassin like the rest of them, but also doubled as a translator and a drug dealer. He was the main cash flow, and a dangerous guy. Falco was…messed up. The Order did things like that to people, made them inhuman and almost tipped them over the edge from insanity.

Even Orion’s own son was driven crazy with paranoia, and managed to find a way out of the system. Poor Deekan. So young and innocent. But Falco? He went overboard. When The Order trained everyone to develop immunity to poison and certain drugs, Falco injected himself with more than a normal human should handle. He was out of control at times. He had developed an affinity for sitting in a crouched position, and hanging from ceilings. He had even kidnapped any people he thought had “special powers”, and did some sort of nasty experiments on them. Experiments that no living soul should ever be subjected to.

Griffin couldn’t let that guy go near Marie. He just…wouldn’t allow it.

Dove’s steady voice tore Griffin from his thoughts, and he hadn’t even realized they were almost to the hill. “Brother. Falco.” She pointed ahead, her finger trained on a dark figure that was at the top of the hill by the lone apple tree, hanging upside down from a branch, a gangly red headed girl beneath it.


Falco was a seemingly dark blob, almost unnoticeable by the darkness of night. Dove’s eyes were sharp. Even Griffin could have missed him hanging from the tree. Falco’s hooded head turned, his hidden gaze resting right on Dove and Griffin, as if he had been expecting them. There was a gruesome flash of white teeth from the tree in a mischievous grin and then…he jumped.

Marie screamed. Dove tensed. Griffin ran. A bird cooed. It was all…such a blur.

Griffin hurried up the hill, throwing several daggers as he ran, all of them dead set on Falco’s form. “Griffin, no!” Dove had screamed, but she was too late. Dove knew Falco’s fighting style. Griffin didn’t.

Falco roughly grabbed Marie’s body and turned around, using her as a human shield. She let out a terrible, bloodcurdling shriek as the knives made impact with her back, tearing through her vintage red T-shirt and digging into her skin.

Griffin gritted his teeth and turned his head away when they hit her, his face pained. He seemed to roar with fury, lunging at Falco and missing, his senses blinded from the pure hatred.

Dove was by Griffin in an instant, pushing him away from Falco’s long, curved knife. She grabbed onto the apple tree and swung, landing behind Falco and kicking him in the back of his neck. He flinched a bit at Dove’s kick, but turned and grabbed her leg, twisting it and making her fall. Her head hit the back of a rock, and she slumped, unconscious.

“You came. Of course you did. You have come. The girl. Pain. Eventually…death. You can not stop me. You will not stop me. You will try. And you will fail.” said Falco, speaking in fluent German. Griffin narrowed his eyes, refusing to believe what Falco was saying. And Dove…she had been taken out so quickly. They had clearly underestimated Falco’s strength. Griffin had assumed Falco was just a freak, an outcast who sat funny. He was clearly more than that.

“What to do…if I try any of my daggers or poison spikes, he’ll only put Marie in the way, and I can’t…can’t hurt her…” Griffin frowned and thought over a plan, before Marie’s voice spoke up, nasal, and melodious. “G-Griffo…go…away….you…y-you’re such…an ass…” Her deep blue eyes met his own blue-green ones, and…he froze.

Not like being frozen from ice. An inner freezing. All his muscles locked up, and he dug into her eyes, getting lost in the multiple shades of blue. Everything, the apple tree, Dove, the vibrating sound of a town at sleep behind him, and even Falco; seemed far away. Griffin felt numb and lost, everything else surrounding the area going blank. Except for Marie. Expect for his one and only Love. His soulmate.

And then, he was jerked out of it. A swift strike. A deep chuckle. A fountain of blood. A flash of metal as the blade was pulled away. Marie’s eyes widening. Marie’s eyes watering. Marie’s eyes going soft, and filled with love. Marie’s eyes…closing permanently, her chest lowering as she let out her last breath.

Griffin found himself blinking several times, his body violently being pulled out of the frozen state. He glanced around for Falco, but the absurb guy had left. Dissapeared.

Dove stirred and let out a low grunt, but to Griffin’s ears the grunt felt far away, as if in a dream. His knees buckled and he fell on the ground by Marie, staring at her in shock. “…Mar? …Mar…get up. S’not funny, okay? This better not be another one of your pranks…” his hand desperately shook her shoulders, his voice steadily getting louder. “Wake up, dammit! You’re supposed to be strong, remember?! Unkillable! The invincible Marie! You can’t…you can’t just die!” Griffin’s voice grew even louder to the point where he was almost yelling.

Then he slapped Marie’s cheek. “WAKE UP!” Another slap. “If you die, I’ll hire Dove to kill you!” Another slap, losing its ferocity and growing weak. “I-If you die….I die also…No…nononono….” He finally picked her head up with his hands, kissing her roughly, smelling her sweet scent of cinnamon pop tarts, Dove silently watching from her place by the rock.

Griffin pulled away from the kiss, hugging Marie’s limp body closely, determined to never let go. He would stay there forever. Heck, he would rot on that hill from starvation if he had to.“How…H-how could I allow myself to freeze like that…Mar…I’m…so sorry…” His eyes clenched tightly, angry, sad tears squirting out, starting slowly, then pouring down his face and into her curly red hair. “I love you…so much… I know I always told you that, but now…you n-need to know…”

He looked up at the night sky, his vision blurry from tears and disbelief. His eyes locked onto one, single star in the sky. Their star. A small speck right above the handle of the Big Dipper. The star looked happy and bright, almost a slap in the face to Griffin. They were going to star-watch today. Like they always did. Marie was firmly set on only staring at that one star though, saying “It was just an ant sitting on the handle, waiting to snag some tasty sky soup.”

Griffin chuckled, his throat rumbling in a cracked way.

“Oh Marie, you and your terrible insight. You were always there for me… Always loving me, and giving me the crappiest advice ever... You. Your smile, your laugh, your voice, your smell. Your walk. Your hair. Just…you. You are…all I need…”

Griffin stopped rambling to himself after a while, the only sounds the hooting of the owls and his choked sobs, Dove watching softly. Everything seemed so pointless now. She was gone, and she took his heart with her.
Then, out of nowhere, a familiar, black blob dropped down from the apple tree. Griffin had no time to react before he was hit on the side of the head, a flash of a pure white grin his last image.

Then…everything went black.

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