Keychain Magic Story Beginning

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Keychain Magic Story Beginning

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 30, 2011 9:09 am

Hey guys, wondering how to begin the first page of my story... I need a good start off. Here's the plot...

Keychain Magic

Lindy Cronus was seventeen years old when she learned she couldn’t die after a deadly car crash with her friends during a crazy night out. This was only after her entire life, filled with injuries that healed instantly, turning golden where the welt in her skin once was, which swiftly replenished itself with no aid- not to mention mysterious visions that struck her suddenly during the day, and a mysterious knowledge of people’s secret traumas and the ability to spiritually heal them from the dark pollution that had scarred their lives.

But when a boy named Jace Archwell comes to Lindy’s school, everything changes. The minute she lays eyes on Jace, she cares for him. There’s something pulling her to wonder about him, about his life. She can even see his emotional scars and the things he desperately wants to heal from in his wildest dreams- and yet, he refuses to allow her to heal it.

One night, a dragon named Junafir shows up at Lindy’s window, flying her off to Realm Thirty-Nine, made up of the two worlds called Averzania and Edleplath, and Lindy learns that Jace is part of the dark side, that a dark wizard named Rodsha summoned him so they could track her down. Lindy also learns that her powers really belong to a princess named Veira, and when she was a baby, Rodsha tried to kill her but only managed to split her soul in half, which caused the half that contained certain powers to be reborn as Lindy herself. She learns all this from a good wizard named Tobias, who tells her that she must save Averzania because she is the only one who can return Veira’s powers so she can rule the land and save it from Rodsha’s control. Lindy and Junafir go on a mission to battle off the monsters of riddle and combat that Rodsha had created to protect the existing powers from being converted.

Being that Lindy is the Chosen One, the One Power made it so that Averzania is really a map of Lindy’s keychain sector- the part of the soul that keeps magic entact with the body. Each monster is correlated with one power that Lindy contains, and each time she slays the monsters of darkness, she gains access to the ability to unlock her powers, and remove them from her body, ultimately to give them back to Veira. But when Lindy learns that Jace’s darkness is mainly enchanted by a spell, she gets distracted with the desire to break the spell because she thinks it is what separates them from falling in love. It is up to Lindy to heal from heartbreak, move on from Jace, and save Averzania from Rodsha’s control- even after learning a dark secret about Jace’s deepest inner wishes.

That's all. Thanks for reading guys! Let me know what you think.


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