Forget me Not

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Forget me Not

Post by Momo13 on Tue Nov 01, 2011 5:13 pm

To forget or be forgotten? Which would you chose.

In a society where turning sixteen means more than a sweet sixteen and being able to drive, teens are given a choice. The first option, to forget their whole life, who they are, and be created into a new person. To be given new memories and new ideas. The other is to be forgotten by everyone else around them.

Within the society, most chose the first. Chose to forget everything. It’s the just the way the society has been for ages. No one wants to be forgotten or unknown. No one really wants to be a nobody. Those who chose to remember are forgotten about. Left in the shadows and unknown.

“Just sit back and relax. There is nothing to worry about. This is a painless process. When you wake up you will be a new person. A better person,” told the soothing voice to an already relaxed girl. Her brown hair fell in gentle curls around her face and her brown eyes were wide with anticipation. She had no fear of what was going to happen. This was the norm for her society. Everyone had this done. Why would she have to worry? There would be a set place for her now. She would have purpose.

“Close your eyes and let your mind fade into darkness. Let yourself be lost.” The owner of the voice, a hooded figure with long white boney fingers stood in front of the girl. She looked up at him, and nodded slowly. Her almond shaped eyes closed and she leaned back in the chair.

The soothing voice started to chat. Slow and soft at first. Soon, it got deeper and quicker, wind howling around the girl. She gripped onto the arms of the chair and squeezed her eyes shut.

Memories of all the bad times surfaced. Her mom and dad’s ugly divorce. The fights with her boyfriend. Leaving her best friend. Her father taking custody of her. Running away from him and living on the streets for years until her wonderful sixteenth birthday came. Slowly, these images faded away into nothingness. They were gone, forever. Her memory wiped of them.

Then the good started to flicker behind her eyelids. Her mother’s twinkling laugh and bright smile that the girl loved. Her best friends jokes and hugs. The late nights out when her relationships were amazing. Her first kiss. But, like the bad, these memories faded as well.

New memories started to take place, covering her whole life. Her new life. Where she had a family, and a home and people who cared about her. The girl passed out as new memories invaded her mind. And she slept as the hooded figure decided who she was. She was his pawn for him to use.

Hours later, she woke, just like she would on a normal day. Her body was transferred to her new home, her mind thinking she woke up in “her” bed.


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