So, I was bored and she was depressed.

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So, I was bored and she was depressed.

Post by Avery on Fri Oct 21, 2011 2:06 pm

Just do it.

C’mon, don’t be a baby.

You know there’s nothing left.

Sabre stared down at the shaky palmful of pills she was holding. It was enough to overdose, kill her. That’s all she wanted. After losing someone she cared about twice in a row, she had lost all hope. She was just an empty shell, uncaring. She was apathetic to everything, a closed door that didn’t deserve to be opened. It would be better in a few minutes. That, she was sure of.

Though tears were brimming in her eyes, she forced the pills down her throat, trying to chase it with a bit of water. At first, she felt nothing, and let her body lay against the bathtub. Then, she was shot with a feeling of panic. She didn’t want to die. What was she thinking?! She frantically pulled a piece of paper from her shelf and then an eyeliner pencil.

She still had to write a note. If she didn’t, people might assume the worst. They might not know what her message was. Her parents wouldn’t know how much she actually loved them. Her hands were trembling and her heartbeat was rapid as she pulled the top off the pencil. Hey eyesight was already almost filled with black spots.

Her breathing slowed and shortened, getting harder and harder. With a choked sob, she managed to jot down a few letters. Her heart was tiring in its last few beats, slowing. It wasn’t even a flutter.

Mom, dad, Ethan, and all tho—

But that was it.

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Re: So, I was bored and she was depressed.

Post by Purple Dragon on Fri Oct 21, 2011 2:22 pm

Ethan ran into her house, looking around frantically.
No, Sabre! Don't do it, this isn't you! I need you. , he thought.
It was true. Through his darkest time, she came, and she helped him. Restored him. Showed him life was worth living.

And she was about to throw it all away.

He saw her get the pills and rush into her room, closing the door behind her. Ethan came over and kicked every door open, his eyes wild and wide, full of fear.
No. Not again. He had already lost Mara. He couldn't lose Sabre.

He kicked open the bathroom door and scanned the room, before his eyes wandered upon Sabre, limp and unmoving, a note clutched in her lifeless hand.

"No!" he yelled, though he knew it did no good. He wanted to believe she was just sleeping, wanted to believe it was only temporary, yet he knew she was gone, knew she slipped from his grasp.

He walked over, shock and guilt framing his features, encasing her in his arms. His eyes flicked to the note, seeing his name, a whole new wave of guilt and devastation crashing against his senses.

He just cradled her body back and forth, new tears springing to his eyes.

"...I....I love you...."

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