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Post by Jacky K. on Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:42 am

We just completed a word war. If you were involved, post your word count and work here! Very Happy

*credit to ende for the title idea*

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Post by Bells on Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:44 am

1003, This is the beginning of my book Rebellion.

Will watched from the shadows, barely able to keep the chills from rattling his spine as Jaylnn struggled against the hold of the guards. He shook his head sadly, trying to force himself to turn away. She knew better than that, you couldn't beat the guards, at least, not I'd you were normal.

Sighing he turned away, pushing her screams from his mind as he walked down the dusty road. The city streets were deserted, not even whispers coming from the run down houses. No one broke the rules if they were smart. This included staying in your home after the sun fell. But the guards avoided Will, most were afraid of him. He could break the rules.

His mind went back to his earlier thoughts as he stuck to the shadows. It was never completely dark in the city, otherwise a student may escape. To make sure that didn't happen the guards made sure the that small lanterns were always burning.

Home, that's what he'd been thinking of. Of the cabin he'd left behind when he'd come to this place. He wished he could just leave, go back to the village. But that wasn't possible.

No one at home would be safe if he left before his training was done. His family would be killed in the cleansing of the village for his disobedience. The only thing that held him here was fear, and they knew it.

Oh how he hated this place! The looks of horror on the faces of the other 'students' when they were taken away haunted his dreams. The looks of nervous delight on the faces of the guards as they watched or helped made it hard for him to keep his temper in check. To just clinch his fists and walk away. But he had to. For his family.

Will reached the end of the street, his keen eyes picking up on the figure of one of the guards on their nightly rounds. A grim smile tugged onto his lips as he backed up against on of the houses, steeping slightly around the corner but making sure he could still see the guard.

Relaxing his mind he watched the sky as a ruby red flash of light illuminated the the dark night. The guard jumped, his eyes going to where the light had been before fading, then warily darting around the empty streets. The guard yelped, his hand grabbing his sword that had started to pull itself from its sheath. Stuffing g the sword back in place the guard eyed the shadows with a bit of fear.

"Where is you Apprentice William? I know you be there!" The guard's voice was weak, another flash lighting the sky towards the end of the man's words.

This flash was followed by a second, light separating from the bright sky and striking the ground like lightning, only feet from the guard.

The man's face turned terrified as a bright figure seemed to step from the light, almost in the shape of a beautiful woman. She stepped towards the guard, lifting up a ruby colored hand, drops of light falling from the hand looking almost like blood.

The guard backed away as she continued towards him, her hand never dropping as one figure attached out in his direction.

"You," A soft voice filled the air as the light parted on the woman's face. "How many have you killed?"

The guard paled, his foot catching a rock as he stumbled and fell backwards to the road. The woman towered above him, her ruby colored face cold and merciless.

"I-I," the man stammered, his whole body shaking from fear. "I have no choice."

"There is always a choice." Will mouthed, the words echoed by the women. "Thirty-nine. You have killed thirty-nine in the past year."

The women stepped closer, her hands dripping more and more light. "And now, you shall pay for your sins. With your own life."

The guard flinched, his nails digging into the dirt beneath him as terror filled his face. The woman lowered the out streached hand, her features unchanging as she declared her judgment.

A bright light once again filled the street, the guards scream reaching Will's ears. When the Ruby color was gone it revealed the guard deathly pale on the ground. The man's eyes were closed, his chest faintly rising with each breath that filled his lungs.

Holding back a chuckle Will stepped away from the house, his eyes glancing down the dark streets in case a guard had already covered the distance between posts. Satisfied that no one was in sight Will made his way down the road.

Once out of sight from where he'd left the guard Will laughed softly. He loved these games, they were the only things that kept him sane in this place. He would play with the guards, scare them a little, but never actually hurt them. He had to protect his family. But the guards didn't know he wouldn't, and he would let it stay that way. Fear was healthy.

As he rounded the end of the street Will's eyes landed on a small cottage sat away from the other houses. A smile drawing tight on his lips he removed the lock and gently pushed open the door. Pulling off his thin coat he placed it on a hook and paused, someone was here.

Cursing under his breath Will slipped a thin blade from his boot. The side was jagged, the metal dull and chipped, but it would have to do. He was lucky to have this much of a weapon outside of class.

A scowl on his face he fixed his senses on the slight sound he'd heard. Silently he slipped into a crouch and slipped around the doorway into the kitchen. Stepping lightly he moved behind a large figure in black, the blade in his hand pressing.g against the man's throat.

"Rude just to walk I to a man's home. Your name may just save your life."

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Post by Invisimort on Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:45 am

So...this is the first draft of chapter three of book two...



So, I finally arrived at Augusts house. Amelia dropped me off in the car thingy that she was somehow magically making roll down the road. “Seriously, if you ever need someone to read the phonebook to you again…erm…Well, here’s my card.” She nhanded me a piece of paper theough the side window, with fancy little numbery thingsy printed on it.

I walked up to the door, kind of freaking out a bit at the size of August’s house. It was huge. Like…The font door…thingy…like…er…the stoop? Was the size of half my kitchen in my old house. I knocked at the door, rather hesitant, and not entirely sure what I was going to say when it opened.

And…er…then it opened. This lady with brownish hair was standing there, and I was suddenly…very aware that…I wasn’t from here…and I was still wearing my dictator suit. “Erm…hi.” I stated.

“Hello, who are you?” She asked me, kind of…erm…in a not entirely welcoming way.

“Erm…I’m here looking for…er…uhm…August? Does he live here?” I asked hesitantly, forgetting completely to answer her question.

“Why do you care? Who are you?” She asked me again. She seemed a bit erm…irritated.

“I’m T.Morbid Namechov…er..Dictator of Auda…er…”

She looked at me like I was crazy. “Sir, I think it would be in all of our best interests if you left here, and got yourself checked into a mental institution…” She told me, going to close the door.

“Mom…hold on…” I heard August from inside the house. “What did you say your name was?” he pushed his way in front of the lady who I now knew was his mom.

“August, honey…it’s just some crazy man.” She said, and I didn’t want her to close the door on me…no that would be really bad.

“August…It’s T.Mor…Uhm…My intrnet is down…uhm….I mean…the whole thing…I dunno what to do…” I somehow managed to get out as she was still closing the door.

He put his foot between the door and the…er…that other part of the door… “…Wait. No internet? In Auda? …Mom…this is a friend of mine…he plays online games with me…erm…” He turned back to me, his mother apparently alright with that explanation for the moment. “You traveled a long way to get out here…Come on in. Oh, If that’s alright with you of course mom.” He added.

“I will never understand you and your videogaming friends..Although…Uhm, Mr…What was it? Namechov? How old are you?” I didn’t know why she was asking me that, and it made me feel like I was back working for Mr.Face.

“Erm…26…I think?” I muttered, finding it hard not to lie up.

“Mom, I promise…he’s not some weirdo on the internet…just…a really long distance friend. Ok? I mean…come on. Alright? I mean…er…he’s…here from…uhm…another country, doing college.” August started lying. “And…er…yeah.”

His mom looked at him…kind of…frustratedly. “Stay in the living room, and I’ll make…I don’t know, bagel pizzas.” She said.

August eyerolled. “Mom…I swear. He’s not some internet psycho! I don’t want you listening in on all this is all…I mean…god…I DON’T WANT ANOTHER DISCUSSION OF WHY I CAN’T JUST WALK INTO AZEROTH OVER DINNER.” I kind of cringed…hearing him talk to his parental unit like that.

“What country did you grow up in then?” She asked me, and I felt like I was tied to a wall, being interrogated for…stuff that…ultimately wouldn’t help me anyway. “And…I don’t think you’re really 26.”

I hesitated at that…what countries did I even know about from here? …er. I looked at August. “Er…” And…Why didn’t she believe how old I was?

“He’s from Russia…uhm…yeah, they’re still having issues politically and stuff there…you know?” August nodded all…erm…affirmatively.

“Oh. I see.” She said, and I felt like that was the end of it. “You both will be in the living room…August you can run upstairs and get your laptop.” She said, and went off to what I assumed would be the kitchen.

I loitered awkwardly while waiting for August to get whatever a laptop was. His mom seemed to be watching me from the kitchen…which was kind of unnerving. Finally August came back downstairs with a skinny piece of…er…looked like aluminium. “Alright…so…What was going on?” He asked me, kind of looking like I had to be careful with what I said.

“Erm…My internet is out…uhm…back in…er…home.” I stated seriously.

“Did you try…restarting it? Uhm…rebooting your computer? …erm…maybe you need a new modem.” He said, and I was really confused. He knew what I was talking about.

I mean…he knew what I was talking about….right? Like…really. I watched him turn on the laptop…the screen kind of reminded me of a shrinebox…but it was so…light. So…skinny. He booted up some game…Minecraft. He booted up Minecraft. What was he doing? I mean…he knew that I was…. Seriously having issues.

“Erm…I have no idea what you’re talking about. At all…August…you…you didn’t forget did you? Er,…Auda? I mean…we don’t have power. We don’t have…food.” I told him seriously. “I mean…you know what the internet looks like there…” I was kind of frustrated that he was sitting there…gaming, while I was like…you know…crossing roads…going through electrical cupboards…riding in cars with weird ladies…to get here to ask how to fix the thing. “ I mean…I can’t even hack Mr.Face’s OS.” I continued.

“Did I hear the word ‘hack’? August…tell your friend that piracy is against the law.” His mom called…Oh.

His mom. We couldn’t talk about any of this with his mom here…I realized, I mean...she’d tried to get rid of me after I said ‘Dictator of Auda’…She didn’t know. She probably couldn’t know…I mean...Ok, looking at it that way…I kind of made sense why August was so…weird about the whole thing.

“Erm…yeah..My mom is against torrenting and stuff…so…Uhm…I really think it might be your modem.” He stated. “Mom…I wanna take T.Mor upstairs to show him our router… or, could he kidnap me in the next ten minutes?” August asked, being all…er…sarcasmy.

“…fine. If that will help him out…I suppouse it would be alright for you to go show him the modem…” She paused. “Mr.Namechov…Excuse me, T.Mor, do you like your bagel pizzas with pepperoni, or just cheese?” She asked me as we stood.

“Uhm…I’m sorry…I don’t know…erm…I’ve never had…a…er…bagel pizza before..” I told her uneasily.

“Oh. I’ll just make some of both then…” She smiled at me a bit. …She seemed a little..er…mood whiplashy to me.

“Ok…erm…thank you Mrs. August’s mom…” I said as we went upstairs to look at whatever a modem was.

We didn’t really go look at a modem. As soon as we were upstairs, I was pulled into August’s room…which, could have easily fit three of my old rooms in it. If I wasn’t in the government building now…I would have been envious. “What do you mean it’s down? I thought your internet was…like…god or something.” He asked.

“…I don’t even. I don’t even August…uhm…It just…started going…I mean… I was lucky to get through the closet….I didn’t even have power this morning.” And the government building ALWAYS had power. Like…seriously.

“That’s…that’s…really bad. But…what exactly are you here for? I mean…er… How can I help you? I’m just some…stupid…noob or whatever.” August stated.

“ Well, clearly your internet is fine…even though I think you’re like…horrible for, you know…manipulating it like that…but…erm…I kind of need a—“ He cut me off.

“We’ll talk about that later. Where are you staying?” He asked all rushed like.

“er…here? If that’s…uhm…ok…I mean…uhm…” I hesitated. I hadn’t exactly sent him a message had I?

“…T.Mor... I…I you can’t stay here…and I mean, you look like some kind of shady used car salesman in that suit.” He told me.

“…I’m sorry? Er…uhm…what do?”

“You shouldn’t have told mom how old you were…I mean…you’re skinny enough, You could have been a highschooler…” He sounded irritated. “Uhm…we’ll…here..You take my phone, and put it in your pocket, and I’ll erm…call you from the house phone…and we’ll pretend that your apartment exploded.” There were like…five different words in that plan that I didn’t understand. At all.

“What?” I asked.

“Just…here. When it starts making noise, open it, and say hello. Ok? And then I’ll tell you what to say on the phone..ok?” I didn’t know that this would exactly work…but er… If it got me a place to stay here…ok…He handed me a tiny brick with keys on it. I didn’t know how to open it…uhm.

“Alright. So…then I’ll come back, and you tell me what I told you on the phone, and then my mom will be all…sympathetic, and let you stay….I hope.” This sounded crazy. “Just…er…talk like how you normally do.” He said, and I kind of felt like that had been a bit of an insult.

“ok…” I put the phone in my pocket and we went back downstairs.

“So..yeah… I think you just need to replace your modem, and erm…uhm…stuff.” August talked about that thing again, and I still had no idea what that meant really, but knew that this was just a kind of…really fancy lie…and it wouldn’t really be hurting anyone…although, I hated to impose…but…


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Post by Jacky K. on Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:45 am

Word Count: 537 >.>

This is the start of a random scene in my book. Details may and will be changed later on.


The wind was restless that night, blowing dank air through the cracks in the high windows, rustling the music sheets on their dusty shelves. I wasn’t alone in the room. The other two had fallen asleep somewhere close. The last time I’d seen Tickety she’d been curled up against a chello, hugging its broad middle like a doll. I could see Crick up on top of the piano, his thin silhouette swelling silently with breath. Myself . . . well, I’d been drifting off. I’d made sure to be the last one asleep, because I liked making sure that they slept at night. There is nothing worse than being the last awake in a place such as the Bell Tower.

A door creaked. My eyes flitted open to see Cricket still where he was, and that was a relief. He hadn’t been himself recently. Barely alive, almost. That left Tickety . . . She’ll be back, I thought, and curled deeper against the floor.

It was perhaps a half hour before I opened my eyes again, only seeing eerie dark patches. I knew that if I turned on a light then there would only be instruments, no figures or spirits . . . the night still had a nasty habit of stretching shadows. Crooks would have called me a coward, but I hated the dark.

“Ticket . . . ?” I bit my lip, reaching an arms length away to where she should have been. My heart sped. The sharp feel of chello strings brushed my fingers, but nothing else was there. “ . . . Cricket,” I whispered, “Cricket?

Where’s Ticket?”

No answer.

I stared into the eerie nothingness for what seemed like an eternity before picking myself up and stumbling to the door. I jumped as the hinge creaked, but was careful when I shut it behind me so that it wasn’t too loud. I didn’t want to wake Crick. He had to get better, soon, and sleep would help . . . but now I was alone in a narrow hallway lined with peeling wallpaper. “Tickety . . . !” It was supposed to be a yell, but came out more as a stage whisper.

No answer.

My footsteps were too loud, but I half-ran through the maze of door-lined halls until I made it to the auditorium. Every seat, empty. Backstage was dead still. “Tickety!” Soon the sound of my whistles split the halls, starting softly and growing. I padded through more of the maze until every logical place had been exhausted, and then I had a thought. The tower. I hadn’t checked there.

But . . . Ticket didn’t like heights, much. The thought ran through my head like it was stuck on repeat as I whipped up the steep steps. Spiralling, slippery, solid stone steps, soaring up into oblivion. The dankness weighed me down with each, but I had to check, just in case. I’d gotten lost too often in that place. I’d hate for the same to happen to her. Although . . . it’s hard to get lost while climbing a tower. There’s only one way to get up, and two ways to get down: walk, or fall.

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Post by Ale J. on Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:45 am

885 (This has not been edited.....so...yeah....)

Chapter 2: Jake

I watched the seconds on the clock tick by. Each moment seeming longer than the next. Dezzreya pecked at my hand, clearly as bored as I was. I sighed and grabbed my sketchbook, searching for a clean page in the hundreds of sketches. I reached over and grabbed a pencil, beginning on a clean, white, page. What to draw? My room didn’t have anything I had already drawn, I drew everything inside and out. Everything in town, the city, the streets. I would be surprised if I found anything not in my sketchbook. I sighed and stood up, walking to the door of my bedroom and opening it. Dezzie followed.

“No Dezzie, you have to stay. I’ll be back in a bit.” I said, she moved her head in an almost nodding motion and flew back to her post. I closed the door and into the hallway I went. My uncle wouldn’t notice me missing, since he wasn’t even home. If he did get back, he would be too drunk to remember me. That’s how it always was. Stepping outside into the cold winter night, I felt the dampness of the air around me. It would be raining soon. I held my sketchbook in my hand with my pencil in the other, and my umbrella and walked down the steps of our Victorian house. I walked down to the sidewalk and started toward the park. It would most likely be empty of kids, whose parents wouldn’t want them on the wet playground. I soon had walked the two blocks and could see the park in the distance. It’s blue and purple slides and swings soaked in rainwater. No one seemed to be there at this time, though it was barely evening and this was the busiest park in town. It had an almost castle shape, with small towers and windows carved into it’s purple exterior. I spotted the tall oak tree a bit away from the playground and sport fields. I walked over and tossed my sketchbook onto one of the branches, getting a good grip on the trunk and placing my feet in the right spots and pulling myself up. I turned my self and sat on the flat part of the tree. I grabbed the sketchbook and climbed a bit higher, sitting on the branch that was grown out perfect for sitting on. I sat there and wondered what I would draw. Then, my answer came to me.

It began to rain. Soon, it was pouring. The tree kept some of it off, but I used my umbrella to cover my sketchbook. As I stared at the blank page I felt someone near. I looked up and through the tree branches to see a girl, around 14 with straight light brown hair and pajama’s already on. She was staring at the grass, walking toward something on her lawn. I watched curiously as she bent down and picked up what looked like a necklace. She stayed there for about 10 minutes, and I watched her. She finally got up, still holding the piece of jewelry. Her eyes moved up and met mine. Everything changed in that moment.

A vision clouded my mind. I looked at the same girl who had come outside her house, she was hiding in the woods, I was with her when we heard a wolf howl. Panic rushed through my body and we ran. It was a place unlike here…I had never seen it before. She scene changed and I found myself in New York, I was looking around for something. A younger looking girl came over and told me to follow her, I listened. We arrived in an alley and she talked of a city. Giving me directions and sending me on my way. A new place came to mind, I was in a river, but I could breathe. I saw the same girl with the necklace in there too. We came up to the surface and an old man was smiling down on us. Then I looked into her necklace. The purple glass in the middle of the swirling gold gave an illusion, as if it were moving. I seemed to get lost in it and I came to. The girl was now gone from the yard, and I wondered if she was just my imagination…

I grabbed my pencil and started to draw.

Chapter 3: Alyson

As I walked into my yard, I realized it was pouring. I ignored the rain and spotted the necklace, picking it up from the ground. It had a small note on it. But the rain smudged the ink, making only two words show.

‘Dear Alyson,’

Chills went up my back. It was for me…but why? Who would have left me a necklace sitting in the grass? I sighed and looked at it. Time passed by, I wasn’t sure how long, and I finally got up. Just to be surprised again.

I saw a pair of ice cold blue eyes staring at me. It was a but around my age up in a oak tree across the street. His black hair came down to his ears looking messy. But his eyes…they seemed to look into my soul. I backed into the house, trying to get away from his stare.

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because saying goodbye
going away,
and going away means

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Post by Black&White on Tue Sep 20, 2011 4:09 pm

erm... all of my books are too long for this xD

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