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Post by Guest on Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:57 am

Jake Bently

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Dreamtalker — the latter being a modifier on the former rather than a species itself, supposedly making him a natural mediator. His notably "superhuman" traits, such as his height and powers, are due to this.

Appearance: The most immediately noticeable thing about Jake is his height—despite still being a teenager, he is currently at around 6'10". To avoid coming off as intimidating, Jake tends to slouch. He has a leanly-muscled build due to the fact that he exercises regularly in order to release his ever-present energy.
Jake is racially white with a dark olive skin-tone. His hair is a chestnut colour, struck through here and there with natural sun-caused highlights; it's longish, shaggy and extremely messy with his fringe almost always falling in his eyes. Although his height can make him appear to be in his twenties upon first impression, some of his features look rather boyish—particularly his ski-slope nose and wide green eyes. Jake has soft features—aside from his jaw, which is notably strong—and a slightly crooked mouth that usually makes him look like he's smiling. Jake's frequent grins are wide, bright and dimpled.
Jake's everyday attire tends to consist of a graphic t-shirt, jeans, sneakers and a sweatshirt. His clothes are generally dark blue or black. It is unusual to ever see him without a hoodie unless there is a very specific reason; Jake's hoodies act as a safety blanket of sorts for him, and he finds a good amount of comfort in them. If he is feeling insecure, scared or upset, he pulls up his hood and will wrap his hoodie tightly around himself—this makes them a particularly good way to gauge his emotions.

Other: Jake has a neutral American accent, although a New York one is still audible occasionally.
Jake can also move faster than should be visible to most, and has strength beyond human capabilities. Both of these are relative to how much practice he puts into them.


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Re: ~Characters~

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 05, 2015 2:01 am

Jeskel Vex

Age: 983, appearing about 18 or 19 due to halted ageing from malnutrition early on in his life.
Gender: DMAB, would identify as agender if introduced to the term
Species: Human/demon

Appearance: Jeskel is of average height, standing at about 5'9". He has a slender, lithe build without much muscle. He has good posture and stands at his full height—however, his personality and apparent assumption that he can fit anywhere can make him seem shorter, unless compared side by side with somebody else. Jeskel is somewhat bowlegged.
Jeskel appears white, with fair skin covered with small, pale freckles. His hair is black and curly, longer at the back and falling to about the nape of his neck. Jeskel has blue eyes with thin, auburn threads radiating outward from his pupils. Overall, he has an almost feminine appearance, with pretty, delicate features—a dainty nose, high, defined cheekbones, thick eyelashes and full lips.
Formal dress is not unusual attire for Jeskel; he tends to use slacks and a dress shirt as part of his daily wear. Dress shoes, a tie and a waistcoat usually accompany this outfit, but not always—especially if he has spent the night away from his own home.

Other: Jeskel speaks in a posh London accent, though sometimes a lilting Irish one will slip through.
Jeskel has only partial hearing in his right ear; this should be evident through his tendency to always turn his head slightly in order to hear what is being said to him with his left ear.


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