Characters...???? IS that what I'm doing???

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Characters...???? IS that what I'm doing???

Post by The_Chick_Down_The_Hall on Tue Jul 29, 2014 12:50 am

Name:  Alice Dubois

Age: Depending on the timeline I pull her from, 22 or 26.

Gender:  Cis Woman

Pronouns:  She/her/hers/herself

Sexuality:  Bisexual

Appearance:  Black skin, hoary grey eyes ringed in dark black lashed, sculpted pitch eyebrows, long silky dark brown hair always pulled back into a high, tight ponytail.  Average height, thin, muscular build.  Generally in a cotton tank of some sort and stretchy, fitted pants she can move easily in.  Combat boots.  She is always armed.  Even if you think she isn't armed, she is.  Even if she isn't armed, she can kill you with her thighs.  

Personality:  She keeps to herself, doesn't talk about personal matters much, loves murder puns, not particularly touchy feely.  In fact, she doesn't really do emotions at all.  If you have feelings in her vicinity and her regular solution of murder is unavailable, she will nope the fuck out so fast it's like fucking warp speed.


Name:  Roxy Lovelle

Age:  23

Gender:  Cis Woman

Pronouns:  She/her/hers/herself

Sexuality:  Lesbian

Appearance:  White.  She's four feet and nine inches tall, thin and small, almost underweight- not quite, but close.  Her hair is soft, long and wavy and dark brown, with fluffy bangs and neon green and pink streaks running through it.  She usually wears it down around her mid-back, but occassionally pulls it up in a messy bun.  She has sweet, pale grey eyes ringed in thick, dark lashes and a bright smile.  Right now, she's in a black corset and a ruffled, hot pink skirt, fishnet tights, and a pair of knee high combat boots tied with green laces. There's a jewelry's store worth of silver in her ear.

Personality:  Bubbly and happy as a general rule, loves music and Katty more than virtually anything, not too fond of other people touching her and while she can be very touchy, it only applies to her fiancee Katty and her best friend Harley.  She's very loving, very sweet and friendly and open hearted.  She generally tries to have a positive outlook on like but has episode and moments where her world sort of collapses into itself and she becomes confused, afraid, and lashes out at herself in attempt to find something stable.  These episodes can be accompanied by screaming, crying, and thrashing around.

Name:  Katty (Katherine) Lewis

Age:  25

Gender:  Cis Woman

Pronouns:  She/her/hers/herself

Sexuality:  Lesbian

Appearance:  White.  She's five feet and four inches tall, busty and stocky, but in fit shape, because she used to be a dancer before she went into tattooing.  Her hair is short and generally styled in a mowhawk.  Her hair changes colour every month or so, but right now it's bright purple on the left side and cobalt blue on the right side.  She has pretty hazel eyes, more brown than green, with a piercing through her eyebrow, one in her nose, and another in her tongue.  She's got a pair of faded, gray jean shorts on, a blue lace bustier, a thin leather jacket with studs on the shoulders, and bright red stiletto heels.

Personality:  She can be kind of mean, even to people she loves, and doesn't tend to be the softest person.  That said, with her fiancee Roxy she's as gentle and tender as can be in private moments.  She has a great capacity to love and violent protective instincts.  There's a bit of an edge to her and she doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks or says about her, but one wrong word about the people she loves and she's more than likely to get into a fight with you.

Name:  Aaron Douloureux

Age: 31

Gender: Cis Man

Pronouns:  He/him/his/himself

Sexuality:  Bisexual

Appearance:  He's about six foot eight and made of pure muscle, with broad shoulders tapering down to a trim waist.  He has a necklace of scars around his neck and one long, ugly scar cutting through his left eyebrow and just missing a pair of serious,  emerald green eyes.  His skin is tan and sunned from all the time he spends outside, sunshot red hair cropped short, and the beginnings of a beard.  Square jaw and numberous scars littered all over his torso, hidden by the jeans and long sleeve shirt he wears, the sleeves pushed up around his elbows.

Personality:   Aaron is a little arrogant, temperamental, and patronizing sometimes.  He's also gentle, thoughtful, and respectful towards the people he likes and can laugh at himself and his flaws when he simmer down, never hesitates to apologize if he realizes or is told he was in the wrong.  He can be brutal and violent and not what one might call merciful in the face of his enemies.  He keeps very few secrets and when he loves he loves with everything he has.  His bloodline was polluted a couple generations back so he's got some of the characteristics of a were, but is mostly a witch, and has fierce protective instincts that he works to control on the understanding that most people can take care of themselves.

Because fuck you, that's why.

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