Jacky's List of Imaginary Friends

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Jacky's List of Imaginary Friends

Post by Jacky K. on Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:16 pm

Name: Cricket
Age: 14, give or take
Gender: male
Species: pixie/angel/tree spirit, also known as a pixatree, majestic keeper of the forests. Pixatrees usually look like fairies but can sometimes change into a wolf like a werewolf does except instead of changing into a normal wolf it's a magical wolf with luscious hair and rainbow eyes. Also he has secret fire-breathing powers because he's part dragon. He carries the royal blood of the king of dragons, but he doesn't know it yet. (nah just kidding he's human)
Appearance: A pale, skinny kid who runs around in bare feet and scuffed-up clothes that are much too big for him. Stringy black hair covers his eyes at all time, but if anyone did see his eyes, they'd be girlishly large and a strange goldish yellow in color.
Other: He's from a place called Luna Nuova. Long story short, it's basically more-ghetto version of Venice.

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