Hai a persons a person no matter how...cat

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Hai a persons a person no matter how...cat

Post by seerofrage on Fri May 16, 2014 10:28 pm

Hi Strangers upon the interwebz. I am a neeewb who has decided to joooiiin.

Okay, now I'm done with the menarded talk.

So, I'm not going to give my name out on here, I have friends on here who got me to join and they know my name and it depends on if they give their names out idk. idk man.

I can basically say I've been role playing since like 7th grade....(I just finished my fresh year of college for context) I'm going to use a lot of my old role play characters, and some that I've had ideas for but never used. I don't know peoples liking of anthro, but when I revamped all of my old characters I got away from that. so my main OCs right now would be:

Rose Heart Feline - Purple neko/alien girl with two tails
Vironia Scathan Feline - Mirror Demon
Techno n. Color - TV head guy
Katherine Ann Wald - Genetic experiment (One day I'll rewrite her back story she was an OC Based off of the maximum ride series shes basically a genetic abomination of animal mixes)
Amie Feline (she was in a diff universe I need another last name for her) - Mafia girl (Or in another rp she was a girl with a siren curse)

So....thatsa me....
Oh I forgot I tend to make a lot of typos because I tend to press enter before I look at what I wrote, I'm sorry in advanced


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Re: Hai a persons a person no matter how...cat

Post by Echo on Wed May 21, 2014 5:28 pm

Heya! I'm Winter Dragon, but most people call me Winter or WD. Welcome to the site, and I hope you have fun! c:
Winter Dragon

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Re: Hai a persons a person no matter how...cat

Post by Capital Q on Sun May 25, 2014 11:51 am

Welcome! I'm Capital Q, but most call me Q. It's nice to see another fresh face. I hope you like the site! Smile

"I always tend to be the support." -Me
Capital Q

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Re: Hai a persons a person no matter how...cat

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