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Fantasy time

Post by Momo13 on Tue Dec 18, 2012 7:08 pm

Just a random fantasy chat for your characters. No setting yet, but feel free to suggest one.

powers (if any)

name: Jensen Mace
age: 21 or so. not sure yet
species: hunter
powers (if any): doesnt really have a power, but has hightened senses if that counts.
appearance: ginger red hair, green eyes with freckles along his nose.
other: has a drinking problem.

name: Kira
age: 17
species: whatever the hell she is.
powers (if any): minor (somewhat uncontrolable/unhelpful) magical abilities, superspeed and superstrength.
~Hair: Wavy black hair that falls past her shoulders in layers. Long side bangs fall over her left eye.
~Eyes: Dark green eyes with blue specks. Mysterious glint in her eyes and they are usually hidden behind sunglasses.
~Body: She is short with a flat chest. She looks boyish, and could pull off being a boy when her hair is pulled under a hood. Her limbs are long and slightly thin.
~skin: Light pale skin with a peachy undertone. Freckles around her nose and cheeks.
~tattoos/piercings: Black flames wrap around her wrists. a flying Chinese dragon type thing on her right. “Logan” on her lower black in pretty black lettering to remember her one and only best friend. Tripple piercing in both ears, lip ring and nose stud. Cartilage piercing in her right ear. Bottom piercings in both ears are gauged.
~General fashion (what they normally wear): Black skinny jeans that are tucked into her DC shoes. Dark music t-shirts or other graphic t-shirts that are usually black, dark grey, blue or purple. Her dark grey hoody is long and big for her. The bottom goes just above her fingertips and the sleeves go clear past her fingers. And of course she has the dark sunglasses that hide her eyes.
other: has ADHD and that is a very touchy subject. somewhat upsetting history, and she's now a bitch because of it.

I'll toss in a few others, and feel free to suggest any of my characters to toss in.

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Re: Fantasy time

Post by Black&White on Tue Dec 18, 2012 9:18 pm

name: Natalie 'Wolf' Tyler
age: 21
species: werewolf
powers (if any)
appearance: dark brown, almost black, wavy hair that goes just past her shoulders. Slightly tanned, a few freckles on her arms and face. Tallish, 5'6'' or so. Steely blue-gray eyes. As a wolf: she's dark dark gray, appearing black most times, with some white details and icy blue eyes


name: Axel Lea
age: 25
species: werewolf
powers (if any):
appearance: Very short mid-toned brown hair with intense dark green eyes. 6'2'', muscular and broad shouldered. As a wolf, all light brown tones and beige colored, very splotchy. His green eyes stay, but get more intense


name: Ayakashi
age: 1 in reality, appears 16ish
species: artificial human..?
powers (if any): telekinesis
appearance: auburn hair, long, between her hips and her shoulder blades length. naturally wide eyes to give her a look of innocence. Light purple eyes, fair skinned, no blemishes

other: created to be a weapon. conditioned with all sorts of survival and military stuff. getting tracked by the people who made her. she escaped too early in creation, and because of this her immune system is extremely lacking. also followed around by Mo - as Aya inadvertently named it - a black blobbish floating thing with two white orbs that can shape shift, about big enough to fit in your hand.

name: Aiden 'Portal' Murdock
age: 24
species: altered human
powers (if any): making portals
appearance: korean/scottish american (Skittles contradiction commercial was an amazing influence). dark eyes, dark hair, about 5'10''. rather plain in clothes - jeans and a long sleeve shirt usually as casual, but will dress it up for work with a blazer and nice slacks.

other: a part of Aya's story. He's an interning scientist at the Institute for Biological Studies in Jersey City, an early graduate with a degree in genetics. Aya went there in search of help for her immune problems, but the corporation saw possibilities through her genes and decided to experiment with some sort of master cure for humanity. Aiden, a part of the test subjects, ended up with powers with the rest of the ten people guinea pig'd on.

name: Maka Aldric
age: 18
species: habui
powers (if any): eyes turn purple: thought reading, power of suggestion. hair turns white: control of body.
appearance: Tall, 5’7’’ or so, with fair skin. normally has straight, thin black hair cut in a bob above her shoulders, strong bang above her eyes - light grey color. She usually keeps her hair the white of her habui though. lots of bangles...

other: she usually has a guitar case with her. She's an assassin though, getting hit jobs whenever she needs the money - but she's not opposed to kill outside of those events from her bloodlust.

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