Ello I'm VV!

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Ello I'm VV!

Post by The Madest of Hatters on Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:49 pm

cat Humm.... I dunno what sat about-ELLO VV HERE!!!
I am new here but I really hope to fit in soon though cheers ! hummm.... that's actually all i have to say... I'm kinda new to RPing so yeah.... If I do something wrong just let me know please!^_^
Oh! I love all forms of music, books, movies, sweets, and CHOCOLATE affraid !!! I love chocolate! I'm aspiring to become a Pastry chef Razz but i will and do enjoy acting on the side!! and very soon modeling!! yay!! (nooo. Sad) i'm mainly only active because it's all forced upon me Crying or Very sad when actually i'd rather read or practice lines from some random play/ musical Rolling Eyes (did you know there is a alice in wonderland musical right now!!) albino
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