Alright, can you guess who this is? I'll add more as soon as one person gets it right.

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Alright, can you guess who this is? I'll add more as soon as one person gets it right.

Post by Bells on Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:31 pm

Silence. There was rarely anything but silence in these halls. The stone dead silence that could stretch for hours upon hours, without one soul daring to break it. The halls were dark and cold, people traveling them only when need be. The castle wasn’t as commonly visited as it used to be, and perhaps that’s the reason for the empty halls. Nothing happened on this side of the stone sanctuary, if that’s what it could be called.
And yet, when there’s a child around, it is almost impossible for everything to remain silent.
Even if its just his ragged breaths as he runs, or the thud of his bare feet on the stone floors. The child couldn’t have been more than 10, most likely younger, but his panicked, blue eyes told of experience beyond his years. Perhaps the reason being the echoing shouts that follow behind him, breaking the silence even further than he had.
The boy stood there fore a moment, his wild eyes darting around the hall, searching for something he had yet to see. The shouts behind him grew louder, boyish calls of ‘freak’ and ‘worthless creature’, causing him to flinch and quickly turn his head away from where he’d tilted it to pick up on the sounds. His trembling worsened as one of the figures rounded the corner, and the boy threw himself into the shadows beneath one of the hall tables.
The table's draping skirt, almost like that worn by most of the noble woman, slid almost down past the boy’s dirty knees, which he kept pulled up his chest as fear dominated his mind, his breaths just slowing to a hushed gasp. Shadows settled around him, the silence returning once more except for the soft thud of the other child’s feet.
The new child must have been around 15, his features pinched as if the boy was permanently sucking on a lemon. Boyish brown curls tucked around the cap of the boy’s head, his eyes a hard brown that seemed to match his pinched features. A cruel smirk twisted over his lips as he cracked his knuckles, eyes immediately settling on the one, lone table in the hall that the other boy had settled himself beneath.

"Come at me
And you'll see
I'm more than meets the eye.
You think that
You'll break me,
You're gonna find in time
You're standing too close to a flame that's burning
Hotter than the sun in the middle of July.
Sending out your army, but you still can't win;
Listen up, silly boy, 'cuz I'm gonna tell you why..."

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