The Legends of Elisyron

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The Legends of Elisyron

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 03, 2012 2:08 am

General Info:
Congratulations, with joining this chat, you have officially become a best-selling author! Yes, you have, or are about to, at least, help write one of the most critically acclaimed books of the last twenty years! The title? The Legends of Elisyron. Genre? Why fantasy, of course. While some critics have said it leans a little on the cliché side, thanks to its woodsy setting filled with dragons, mages, and dreamweavers, in the land called ‘Elisyron’ others say it just adds to the overall charm.

Um… one catch, though. You and your fellow co-writers are only famous in the universe of my book. Like, in theory, this would be the kind of book that in canon, my characters might have read. ...Sorry ‘bout that.

See section ‘How it generally works’ and the tips I’ve stashed throughout, for the sake of coherency, some guidance, and keeping some things at least semi-canonical…but in the chat itself, I’ll just be like a guiding hand, adding in what would be considered NPCs if this were an adventure game now and then. You know, wise old guys and knights and whatever. I might probably maybe won’t have a significant member in the group or anything, but I’ll always have a charrie to help you guys out if you get stuck, or to further the plot or whatever. I’ll try not to control anything too much, however, (unless you guys want me to throw in a quest or something, which would be fun.) and you can add in NPC types, also. The details of the setting are up to you, too. It’s a hardcore fantasy world- you know, woods, waterfalls, dragons, witches, wizards, dwarves, elves… added dreamweavers and habui. Though you can invent landmarks, regional sayings, facts about Elisyron, whatever you want. Just make it up as you go. But don’t clash with the other chatters.

The comments people make in my book, regarding your book, will be totally shaped on how this chat goes. If the canon is stuck to, then the actual habui in my book will be like “Oh look, the media got it right. For once. Weird”. But if you want to throw your own twists into things, no matter how outlandish… (For example, if your habui has eyes that change to orange or pink instead of red or purple, for instance. Or if habui are portrayed nicer than they are, or dreamweavers as totally sane individuals, or anything, really. Feel free to personalize.) which would be awesome… they can just suck it up. Because it’s fiction within fiction. Fiction within my book. And since nobody knows habui and dreamweavers really do exist (In my book, don’t worry about irl… or should you?!), of course creative license can be taken. And if there’s some character that sticks out, maybe my characters in my book with comment on that… or some plot point, or whatever. Literally, you guys are just making a canon bestseller. And you can do whatever you want with it.

How it generally works
There is a difference between how people think dreamweavers and habui are in fiction, and how they actually are. …Keep in mind that you can take creative license and stuff, but this is how it usually goes down
Real life (in my book)
Dreamweavers- Cause hallucinations and can manipulate emotions, as well as enter other people’s dreams and change them however they like. They can also read memories and long term thoughts, but not short term ones. But they don’t have dreams themselves… they just relive memories when they’re asleep. This power tends to drive them a little crazy over time… ‘cause, I mean… seriously, messing with minds and dreams like that… messes with your mind after a while

They have two main kinds of powers. Soul and body. When they’re using their powers on the soul (including reading immediate thoughts, or crushing souls) their eyes turn purple if they’re a female or red if they’re a male. When they’re using their powers on the physical body thing, like taking possession of somebody, their hair turns white. Known for being sadistic and taking joy in their kills.

General fiction
Generally either portrayed in media as totally and completely insane, or sort of mystical and misunderstood… but still pretty insane.

Always the bad guy… always… ‘nuff said


(No bio or anything, let people figure that out as you go)

*Plz use grammerz anz specllingz. If u use txt tlk & smilies D: I will have the editor of your book smack you around a little. For real.
*If you don’t FF through the naughty tango, I WILL have somebody walk in and interrupt your characters, and it will be awkward for everybody. Keep sexual content PG-13, people. Gawsh.
*No power playing or god moding (this includes the fact you NEED permission for violence). Ever. Everevereverever. EVER. So is it okay? NO. WEREN’T YOU LISTENING?
*If you’re leaving for a long time, let me know, so I can like… put your character on a bus for a while. Just to keep things moving. But we’ll bring you back, I swear. We just need to keep things book-like
*If you leave the chat, kill off your character or have them leave forever. Sorry to be harsh, but like I said, this is like a book
*PM me if confused about ANYTHING. Because this was probably the worst chat idea… ever… and the most confusing. Sorry ^^;
*Not a real rule, but I suggest travelling in groups of 2-6, so you guys don’t get too scattered around

TL;DR: You’re gunna write a fantasy book that is a bestseller in my ‘Verse. I swear it’ll get talked about in my book sometimes, depending on how this goes… and pm me if you don’t understand the set up.

(And Imma make an intro ASAP)


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Re: The Legends of Elisyron

Post by Black&White on Sat Mar 03, 2012 3:10 am

Name: Grace Maiden
Age: 16
Species: dreamweaver
Appearance: dark curls, bright eyes. medium height, medium build.
Other: very underdeveloped, cant ya tell?

Name: Aura
Age: 49, appears 19
Species: dragon
Appearance: black hair with purple highlights, light brown/yellow-y eyes. Smaller in height, but athletically built.
Other: as a dragon: Built long and sleek, a dark purple main color. Horns and spines a pale yellow/beige. Traveling towards its underside, the scales turned pitch black. Around its eyes, nose, tip of tail, and wings have the hints of pale yellows, its claws and horns the solid color giving the purple a strong contrast.

It's going to be alright in the end;
If it's not alright, it's not the end yet.

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