Unearthly (This in based off of the book of the same name by Cynthia Hand)

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Unearthly (This in based off of the book of the same name by Cynthia Hand)

Post by ~Silent~Archer~ on Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:59 pm

You've recently found out that you aren't a normal teenager. One way or another, you're told that you are part angel: an angel blood.

You're either half-angel (Dimidius) or quarter-angel (Quartarius).

All angel-bloods find that things come more easily to them than humans...they're smarter, faster, and stronger (and considered more attractive as well). Most can speak in any language fluently, especially Angelic (which is sort of like music).

Some can tape into 'glory' or a very bright light that emits from them. In that state, they feel and are intuned into everything in their environment. Apparently, it makes humans terrified because that's how the angel-bloods have a link to God.

For some angel-bloods, their hair shines unnaturally due to emotion (but that can be fixed by good old hair dye.)

Angel-bloods live longer than humans, and have a younger appearance than what their age really is.

All will recieve their purpose from the ages of 13-20. They come in the form of a vision, and much of it has to be figured out by the angel blood.
(Example from the book: Clara has a vision of a burning forest and a boy. She feels like she knows his name, but when she tries to say it, nothing comes out. And then the ground crunches under her feet.) The visions become steadily clearer as the angel-blood recieves clues about their purpose.

There's a war between the (pure) angels, and the fallen angels known as Black Wings. These Black Wings have obviously black wings, and always have a feeling of sorrow, because angels are only supposed to obey orders, and when they don't, it causes them physical and emotional pain.

Once you discover the Black Wings, and learn more about them, the easier it is for them to find you, and possibly enlist you into their army.

This chat takes place in a town called Jackson, Wyoming. You moved because your purpose brought you here (or if you haven't recieved your purpose, you just live here.)

Dimidius or Quartarius?:
Have they recieved their purpose?:
Their angelic parent is a (Dimidius, Angel, or Black Wing):

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