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Weekly Writing Prompts

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  • 20120826
    Write about the first time a character did a thing they are now known for.

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  • 20120819
    Word War! Give us a story, most words win~

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  • 20120812
    'I had been working as a _______________ for the past few years, although "working" isn't the right word and "_____________" is too dignified a title... '

    Continue writing the story. Take it anywhere you'd like.

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  • 20120805
    I heard a fly buzz when I died;
    The stillness round my form
    Was like the stillness in the air
    Between the heaves of storm.

    The eyes beside had wrung them dry,
    And breaths were gathering sure
    For that last onset, when the king
    Be witnessed in his power.

    I willed my keepsakes, signed away
    What portion of me I
    Could make assignable,-and then
    There interposed a fly,

    With blue, uncertain, stumbling buzz,
    Between the light and me;
    And then the windows failed, and then
    I could...

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  • 20120729
    Going easy on you. Write a short based off a song. There must be lyrics, and at least five lines of them must be used within the story (character cannot just be singing. Its to be used in narrative or dialogue, and the lines do not necessarily need to be all bunched together). Please bold the used lyrics for easy finding when reading.

    Send stories to BW next Saturday~

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  • 20120723
    Please remember~ send entries to me~

    It's summer, why not the same for our characters? Where would they go to relax and spend a day away from all the trivialities we write them through?

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  • 20120715

    This week's prompt~

    Tell us how a character came to like or dislike a certain object, idea, or place that is important to their development. Not a person! Word count limit: 2500


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  • 20120708
    Your prompt this week~

    Write a short story from an animal's perspective, observing some oddity of human behavior - be it affection, abuse...or something as silly as brushing our teeth! No word limit.

    Have fun! Entries due into me by next Saturday

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  • 20120630
    Sorry for the pause. People seemed busy and we hated wasting some good ideas!

    Prompt for this week~

    Write the turning point of a villain or hero as a reminiscence in 2,500 words or less. What was their final straw to break them down or set them on their path to greatness?

    Starting it off with a bang! Entries due into Ende by next Saturday.

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  • 20120520
    Please excuse Timmi's absence, she be studying for a final~

    So. This week's prompt is:

    Write a story, 1500 words or less, in second person point of view - 'You' will be the subject of the story.

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  • 20120513
    Yeah. I'm tired and lazy this week. Things will really pick up this summer, but for now... I'll just toss out a prompt that somebody told me a long, long time ago.

    Write a story or poem about a rose laying on a trashcan. Take it any direction you want, with no minimum or maximum word count

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  • 20120507
    YEAHYEAHYEAH, it's late again, so sue me, I was busy ;>.>. Stuff came up and whatnot, so...

    Anyway... onto the prompt~

    Choose your favorite author, or more specifically, your favorite writing style/voice from a book you've read. Write at least one or two paragraphs (they can be tiny) using that style/voice. Get as close as you can to as if the author himself/herself had written it. Don't forget to include a small amount of writing from...

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  • 20120430
    Please excuse the lateness, peeps. Timmi and I were both busy this weekend, and thus we'll be extending the entry deadline until Saturday to give the same time frame as the others.

    This week's prompt is...


    Pick a song, any song! Build a story around it, with maximum word count being 1500. Give us a link to the song on Youtube, or at least name the song that inspired you, so that we may judge the similarities between the two

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  • 20120422
    I don't always get the prompt up a day late (deeply sorry, by the way), but when I do, I adapt it from a tv show. I got this particular idea from Face Off, to be exact, a show about contestants competing to show who can make the best makeup visual effects. Enjoy~

    Choose a phobia and base a character off of it, then show him or her to us through either through a short story (with a word limit of only 1,000 words) or simply a character form including (at the very least) the name, appearance, personality, and any additional facts you see fit to add

    I know a lot of you...

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  • 20120414
    Alright, we didn't get a very large amount of participation last week, guys, though we did get some very lovely pieces of work submitted. Still, I'm hoping we'll get even more this time around.

    Pick a villain, any villain, from your cast of characters, real life, or somebody else's fiction. Then have them do something that might endear them to the readers. Not anything out of character, mind you, but just show a side of them that maybe we don't usually get to see. A Pet the Dog moment, or maybe just a trivial little task that makes them seem 'human'. Submissions need to be...

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  • 20120407
    For our first writing prompt, we're going to start out with something simple... I'll pull out the weird stuff later, just for you guys Wink

    Write a very short story (100-500 words) where a particular character is going through an intense emotion. The catch? You can't write from the point of view of that particular character. Write either from an observer's point of view or 3rd POV, and convey what the character is feeling through descriptions of body language while avoiding straight up words such as...

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